Our office will be closed Monday, January 15th, 2024 in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
We are adding new newspapers to our website every day.
If there is a specific newspaper that you would like us to add to the website please contact us.
We are actively working on fixing an issue with our publishing order form.
If you would like for us to email or call you when it is working again, please use the contact form on our website or call our office and we will let you know once the publishing order form is working again.
New Feature: We now have a Client Portal that you can log in to and see all the orders you have placed since December 2022 and their current status.
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We are working on resolving a Submission Deadline calculation issue with our software that lets you select a Desired First Publication Day that is past the actual Submission Deadline. This issue is only happening to a few newspapers on our website. We will notify you immediately if you place an order and we are not able to get you the Desired First Publication Day. We are working on resolving this issue.
What We Do

We take the hassle out of getting pricing and publishing your legal notice in an approved newspaper.

Our website uses the same order form for all states, counties, and newspapers so that you will have the same simple and easy ordering process every time. For most newspapers, we provide instant pricing. If we do not have instant pricing for a newspaper at the time of your order, we can also provide you with a custom quote.

No need for you to contact different newspapers, wait for pricing or file the affidavit with the clerk of court.

We take care of the entire process for you!

How It Works

Click the image below to watch the How It Works video.

Why You Should Use Our Company

We Make Publishing Easy
We take the hassle out of getting pricing and publishing your legal notice in an approved newspaper.

Multiple Newspapers
You can select from multiple newspapers which saves you time and money by not having to find an approved newspaper in the county and get pricing.

Compare Newspaper Prices
We list multiple newspapers in each county so you can compare Publishing Prices, Publication Days and Submission Deadlines then select which newspaper you would like to use.

Same Form For All Newspapers
We use the same online legal notice form for all of the newspapers and counties so that it is the same order process every time and saves you time when you place your order.

Instant Pricing
We give you instant pricing. No waiting for the newspaper to review your legal notice then call or email you with pricing.

Invoice Marked Paid
When you place an order we provide you with an invoice marked paid so you can invoice your client right away or keep the paid invoice for your records.

Email Order Updates
We email you a copy of the paid invoice, publication date(s), and a copy of your affidavit of publication for your records.

File Affidavit With Court
For affidavits of publication that need to be filed with the court, we can file them for you with the Clerk of Court.